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Redefine, South Africa’s leading commercial property manager, strategically oversees a prestigious portfolio comprising retail, office, and industrial properties valued at an impressive R88.9 billion.

Recognised for excellence in integrated reporting, Redefine has consistently secured a top 10 position in the EY Excellence in Integrated Reporting Awards for eight consecutive years.

Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to innovation, Redefine adopted the GoCity App in conjunction with our cutting-edge access control hardware.
R88.9 bn
Redefine Property Assets
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The Access Control section showcases innovative technologies such as smartphone-driven access, facial recognition, and QR codes, all powered by the advanced GoCity access control hardware. This combination sets a new standard for secure and convenient entry, reinforcing Redefine’s position as a trailblazer in property management.

In the Tenants and Management sections, Redefine leverages the GoCity App for seamless communication tools, user data profiles, event notifications, maintenance logging, and advanced analytics, ensuring a streamlined and efficient property management experience.

Redefine Properties, is leveraging the GoCity solution to enhance their properties.

In line with our commitment to simplicity, GoCity stands out as a stellar example, ensuring that individuals of all technical backgrounds can effortlessly harness its remarkable features.

With GoCity, we are revolutionising the way people engage with their workspaces. It's about empowering users to effortlessly manage their work environment. Whether you need to navigate your office space, secure easy and controlled access, reserve a meeting room swiftly, or seamlessly invite guests, GoCity has you covered – all accessible through a simple device.

Within this forward-thinking ecosystem, community satisfaction is paramount, fostering a collaborative and harmonious environment that transcends traditional commercial boundaries. Experience a paradigm shift in the functionality of workspaces – with GoCity, the future is here and now.

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