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For an unprecedented five consecutive years, Waterfall City has proudly held the prestigious title of the world's best mixed-use development, as bestowed by the International Property Awards. This unparalleled recognition underscores Waterfall City's commitment to excellence, innovation, and its dedication to creating a living experience beyond compare.

At the heart of this award-winning development is the seamless integration facilitated by the GoCity's solution - GoWaterfall. This innovative platform acts as the connective tissue, weaving together every aspect of occupant' lives in this dynamic and thriving community.
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The vision for the Waterfall digital ecosystem is nothing short of revolutionary. It's a grand tapestry of innovation and efficiency, poised to redefine the digital landscape within the vibrant community. At its core, this vision seeks to establish a centralised platform that not only consolidates but seamlessly integrates and manages all digital activities within the Waterfall community.

Central to this vision is the development of a groundbreaking super app—a mobile marvel designed to serve as the singular platform for residents and visitors alike. This intuitive application becomes the digital companion, empowering users to effortlessly streamline and manage their day-to-day activities across the expanse of Waterfall City.

An integrated live, real-time master engine stands as the backbone, providing a panoramic view of data, reporting, and analytics for the entire Waterfall estates ecosystem and marketplace. This real-time insight engine ensures that residents and stakeholders are continually in sync with the heartbeat of this dynamic city.

Breaking down the barriers of multiple app downloads, the ecosystem is a proponent of a unified approach. Users can seamlessly access the services of third-party merchants, unlocking a world of possibilities without the need for cumbersome app installations. This streamlined process ensures that the advantages of the super app approach are not just theoretical but practical.

The advantages of embracing the super app approach are manifold. From reaching a broad audience to personalising customer experiences through data insights, the cost-sharing benefits of mini-apps, opportunities for strategic integration and partnerships, to a simplified onboarding process—all underscored by the secure sharing of Know Your Customer (KYC) data.

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